About Nanette     
Certified Skinner Releasing Instructor     
Aerial Dance     
Community Workshops     

Community Workshops offer the opportunity for groups to experience the joy of motion in a nurturing and supportive environment
that helps to unlock the creative dancer in all of us.

Based on the conviction that dance is a birthright, community workshops start with three simple propositons:

•   We all have knowledge about how to move
•   We all have stories to tell
•   We can all lear from witnessing each other's movements and listening to each other's stories.

Dance brings together physical and mental energies in unique ways. It sparks fresh creativity for individuals and inspires new interactions within groups. Groups can be as diverse as senior centers, hospitals, healing centers, corporations and shipyards. The use of playful improvisations scores and choreographic structures frequently culminate in a performance piece.

Typical class activites include: warming up; learning basic movements; developing movement ideas; dancing alone and with others; writing and poetry; and exploring the relationship between movement, words, music and personal experience.