About Nanette     
Certified Skinner Releasing Instructor     
Aerial Dance     
Community Workshops     

Choreographic Workshops are available to dancers of all levels of experience. Utilizing concepts from Skinner Releasing, contemporary dance practice and community workshops, students can make their own dance vision come alive. Workshops can be developed for both the novice and experienced dancer.

Nanette has a vast repertoire of choreography ranging from aerial dance to community dance to Professional company dances. She has a particular flair for large scale works. Examples of her work are available for review.

Choreography is more than creating steps to a dance. It is an organic process in which the vision of the artist emerges with experimentation and playfulness. It can also be a collaborative adventure between choreographer and dancer

Nanetteā€™s choreographic themes arise from contemporary social issues, dream images and our relationship to the natural world.

Frida Kahlo: Blood and Gold
was performed on October 9 at the Tucson Botanical Gardens