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Aerial Dance     
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Aerial Dance has become increasingly popular over the years. This form of dance is more than executing complex moves currently associated with trapeze work commonly seen in circus events or even Cirque du Soleil. Although these complex moves are incorporated into aerial dance there is equal focus on transitioning from move to move, thus creating “The Dance”. Students are introduced to the vast possibilities of applying dance to the single point trapeze in a dance setting.

There is a commitment to safety, technical proficiency and collaboration in the creative process. Students build strength, increased flexibility, develop aerial skills, experience solo and partner dancing, expand spatial awareness and learn trust and cooperation. As students are introduced to aerial dance they learn to form a relationship to the trapeze as an extension of self.

Aerial trapeze has the benefit of being a challenging and exhilarating experience for all ages. It is extraordinary to witness the joy in children as young as 4 years old when they discover that sense of flying and swirling through the air. For people over 50 there is a strong sense of accomplishment in discovering their strength in learning to move through the air.